Oops. Plaintiff Pays for Dismissal of Wrong Party in Mobile Home Repo

If the defendant in a lawsuit tricks you into dismissing them, can you change your mind and bring them back in?  According to the Alabama Supreme Court, if more than four months have gone by, probably not.  So it said in Ex Parte Price, a case involving a company alleged to have trespassed and wrongfully moved

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Alabama Appellate Court Rules Against Landlords

After eviction proceedings, can an ex-tenant sue a former landlord for violations of the Alabama Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act?  In Morrow v. Pake the trial court said “No” but the Court of Civil Appeals says “Yes.” Read a discussion that will interest landlords and tenants alike at alappeals.com.

Court Nixes Shortcut to Joint Physical Custody

If one parent has sole physical custody but over time and through court orders the parents come to have an equal time visitation plan, does that mean they have joint physical custody?  According to the Court of Civil Appeals, “No.” Read Jason’s commentary about the case here and contact Browne House Law to discuss your custody

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Circumstantial Evidence OK’d to Show Undue Influence in Will Creation

After a probate court dismissed the claim by several nieces that a family member had exercised undue influence over their uncle when the uncle revised his will to cut them out, the Alabama Supreme Court disagreed.  The trial court should have given the nieces a hearing based on the circumstantial evidence of undue influence. Read Jason’s

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Daniel Pruet Defends Client, Avoids Death Penalty

In March 2018, Browne House Law criminal defense attorney Daniel Pruet led the defense of defendant against whom prosecutors had sought the death penalty.  Read coverage from the Tuscaloosa News covering how the death penalty was avoided, in an article titled Jury’s Verdict Means No Death Penalty.

Daniel Pruet Defends Capital Case

In March of 2018, Browne House Attorney Daniel Pruet was lead attorney in defending a capital case for which he was appointed by the court.  Read the Tuscaloosa News coverage of the defense here.

Late Submission of Evidence in Social Security Cases – It’s Possible

Learn how the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals addressed late submitted evidence in a social security disability case appeal. Alappeals.com explains the case and what it means when you or your attorney fail to submit evidence prior to the hearing. Read about it here.

Jason Addresses Students at University of Alabama

In March, an attorney from the Browne House, Jason P. Bailey, spoke to an arts administration class in the University of Alabama’s School of Music.  His lecture was about the basics of contract law.

The Lawyers Will Figure it Out: Coach Saban, LeBron James, and their new Barber Shop themed Internet Shows

In the past few days two of the most important figures in American sports have stepped on each other’s toes, so to speak. For those who haven’t been keeping up with it here’s a recap: A couple of weeks ago Alabama’s football program released a trailer for an upcoming internet series called “Shop Talk.” Since

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“An Estate Plan; this New Year’s most important Resolution?”

It’s officially the beginning of 2018. That can only mean three things: bowl games, handwritten 8s that started out as 7s, and New Year resolutions. The million dollar question is which will be the first to go: my habit of writing 2017 or my New Years’ Resolution? I read a blog the other day about

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